Cheaper Car Insurance in Switzerland: 10 Saving Tips

Insurance is one of the costs you must deal with if you own a vehicle. Third-party liability car insurance is obligatory, and having partial casco (comprehensive) or full casco (collision) car insurance can also make sense if you own a new or expensive car. Car insurance has its price. According to Finma statistics, Swiss car […]

Swiss Full-Casco Car Insurance Guide

What should you consider when getting Swiss full-casco car insurance? Find useful comparisons and clear information in this guide. Here, we answers the most important questions about Swiss full-casco car insurance. Full-casco car insurance combines partial-casco car insurance with collision car insurance. In addition to the coverage for natural hazards and vandalism that you get […]

Loan Insurance in Switzerland

Many people in Switzerland get loan insurance along with their personal loans. But is loan insurance worth the cost? Independent online comparison service answers the most important questions here. 1. What is loan insurance? Many Swiss lenders recommend loan insurance when you get personal loans and credit cards. You may also be offered loan […]

Travel Insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, travel insurance is usually divided into two main categories: Trip cancellation insurance and assistance (“trip interruption”) travel insurance. Trip cancellation insurance protects your travel investments (such as flight or hotel bookings) when major unexpected incidents force you to cancel or postpone a trip. Assistance (“trip interruption”) travel insurance, on the other hand, covers […]

All you need to know about Car Insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, you have to insure your car. But, the system is quite complicated, with many options. And the insurance dealers will not make car insurance easy for you. There are several different levels of insurance for your car. And only one level is mandatory. And there are even some options that are useless. But […]

How to choose Life Insurance in Switzerland?

Life insurance in Switzerland is a complex and heated subject. Indeed, many insurance advisors will try to sell life insurance linked to the third pillar (life insurance 3a), and these products are terrible and often sold to people who do not need life insurance. But life insurance by itself is not that bad. So what […]

Student Health Insurance in Switzerland

If you are coming to study in Switzerland at a university or other higher education, it is mandatory that you have some form of health insurance. Health insurance in Switzerland is a private system of cover that is designed to fund and support the healthcare system. Many universities require you to prove you have health insurance before initiation at the […]

Supplemental Swiss Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance is an extra policy that you can take out while applying for health insurance in Switzerland. This insurance allows for more flexibility and care options, including for instance better accommodation while in hospital. This system of insurance is not mandatory but can bring greater benefits than basic insurance. What is supplemental health […]

Basic Swiss Health Insurance

Having Swiss basic health insurance is essential to accessing healthcare in Switzerland. Health insurance is mandatory for all residents and is required in order to obtain a Swiss residence permit. The cost of basic insurance varies by a number of factors, including your age, your county of residence, and the type of cover you choose. […]

Private Insurance in Switzerland

Alongside mandatory insurance schemes such as health insurance and social security, Switzerland also has many different types of private insurance that people can take out if they choose to. These can range from insurance that protects against theft and property damage, to car insurance. Many of these policies can be taken out together and insurers […]

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